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GDPR Certification Cost Saving Estimator

This estimator is provided for indicative purpose to help organisations and companies in assessing the costs and benefits of a European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certification, such as Europrivacy. It shall not be used for any other purpose, such as quantifying exact risks or amount of fines that can be issued by National Supervisory Authorities, and shall be used under the sole responsibility of the user. Comments and suggestions to enhance the tool are very welcome.

Assess the hidden cost related to GDPR penalty risks     Estimate
How many years of activity do you want to consider?     years
What currency do you use?    
What is the valuation of the company?    
What is the yearly turnover?  
Maximal GDPR fine    
Intermediary GDPR fine    
How would you assess the probability to be fined?    
Cost for the risk to be fined per year    
Average cost for the risk to be fined over the considered period of time    
In case of a fine of 10 000 000 Euros:      
What would be the probability (percentage) to expose your company to bankruptcy?    
Cost of the risk of bankruptcy over the considered period of time    
If you are a privately owned company, what percentage of your shares may be sold by your shareholders?    
If you are a publicly traded company, what percentage of your equity valuation may be lost?    
Cost of the risk of valuation loss over the considered period of time    
Hidden cost related to the lack of GDPR compliance    
Estimate of Europrivacy Gap Analysis and Certification Impact      
How would you estimate the percentage of risk reduction from a systematic gap analysis and certification?    
Impact on the cost of risk    
Residual risk    
What is your estimated budget for the certification?    
Net Cost Saving (NCS)    
Return of Investment (ROI)    

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