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Certification Value and Cost

What are the Value and Cost of Certification?


The European Centre for Certification and Privacy maintains the certification scheme and provides capacity building as well as online resources and services. However, it does not provide consulting services to applicants and does not deliver certifications. The Europrivacy certification scheme is made available for free to official partners, including law firms, consulting firms, solution providers and independent certification bodies, to prepare and certify data processing activities.

What is the Value of a Certification?

A Europrivacy certification enables to value and recognise the compliance effort delivered by the Applicant. It also enables reduce the legal and financial risks. The Europrivacy GDPR Cost-saving Calculator enables you to assess by yourself the cost-saving attached to the certification. The certification enables to turn compliance effort into an asset valued by internal and external stakeholders. To learn more about the return on investment of a certification visit our page on benefits and advantages of certification.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Europrivacy certification depends on several factors:

In a regular approach, the Applicant will be supported through the whole process by qualified service providers. Our partners are free to determine their own fees, which may also vary from one country to another according to the local costs. After a first data processing activity has been documented, the subsequent ones will require less time to document. This also lowers certification costs for the subsequent data processing activities.

When completing the certifiation, the certification body will publish the certificate on the official Europrivacy registry of certificates managed by ECCP to authenticate certificates and prevent their forgery. The publication fees of the two first certificates are included in the Welcome Pack. Additional publications are charged by the certification Bodies and paid to ECCP.  

Fees associated to the regular process include:

  • Implementer's fees, including a Welcome Pack
  • Certification Body's fees, including publication fees where applicable  
  • Optional: third-party software or solution to support the documentation of compliance

Feel free to contact official partners or to fill the online application form to receive precise quotes.

DPOs willing to document and prepare data processing activities for certifications by themselves are encouraged to receive training as Implementer on the Europrivacy Academy and to subscribe to the Online resources and community website to access the required documentation. Fees associated to the do it yourself approach include:

  • Implementer's Course on the Online Academy
  • Subscription as Implementer on the Community website
  • Certification Body's fees, including publication fees where applicable 
  • Optional: third-party software or solution to support the documentation of compliance

Europrivacy also provides a Welcome Pack, which is usually included in the offers of the official partners acting as implementers. It enables the Applicant to benefit from a bundle of online services to support the certification process and its maintenance during three years, including a DPO access to the community website and an alert service in case of requirement changes.